AA Locksmith remains strong in their roots providing old school locksmith services such as rekeying, master keying, high quality lock repair, and on-site services. We are living in a Smart World. Customers are using devices and apps to unlock and lock their homes remotely. Keeping up with the times, AA Locksmith is happy to assist customers transitioning and installing this new technology.


When calling a locksmith, don't be fooled by 800 numbers that "quote too good to be true pricing". You will only end up paying more in the long run. The internet is overloaded with fake professionals trying to make it seem like they are local. Take a minute and look up the address they have posted. You might be shocked to find their address is an empty parking lot.

Rest assured, when you call AA Locksmith, you will speak directly to Josh. You can visit us anytime at our store located at 1054 Lonsdale Ave. / Central Falls, RI 02863.

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